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eMoney Advisor Veterans Start Firm to Help Fintech CEOs Jump Start Growth

Sales Pistons LLC with proven methodology that powered eMoney Advisor's double-digit growth is now available to all fintech CEOs and PE firms.

By: Sales Pistons LLC

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - March 1, 2021 - PRLog -- Sales Pistons LLC ( announced today the launch of its new consulting firm dedicated to helping fintech CEOs and their PE firms unblock stalled revenue for long-term sustainable growth. The company is headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN and has an office in Philadelphia, PA. Sales Pistons has pioneered a proven and repeatable process that results in an enterprise-wide focus on delivering sustainable revenues. The firm's methodology allows fintech firms to build, scale, and deploy sales engines capable of taking market share from their strongest competitors. Fintech companies face complicated challenges – market segmentation, product commoditization, and poor advisor adoption that can derail early success. For years, options available to firms who were experiencing stalled growth have been limited to sales process or training, and the solutions they have implemented to address these problems have not lasted. Sales Pistons takes a 360 view of what Charles Clark, Managing Partner of the company describes as the pistons that fire YOY growth: lead generation, customer acquisition, customer retention and productivity. The result is a more powerful engine that accelerates sales performance. "Sales training, marketing programs, and new product roadmaps on their own won't result in sustainable growth." Said Charles Clark, Managing Partner of Sales Pistons. "We've solved that problem with a process that coordinates all customer facing activities, optimizes them, and streamlines the process to ensure powerful results." Charles is joined by fintech industry veteran John DeVincent. Both were part of the original executive team at eMoney Advisor where they held the top sales, business development and marketing positions. Sales Piston's approach has resonated with the fintech community. For the past seven years, Charles Clark and John DeVincent have helped financial planning, digital wealth management, risk tolerance, portfolio management, cyber security and business valuation companies solve their biggest growth challenges. "Charlie and I share a common vision that the strength of any sales engine is its ability to drive qualified leads to a sales organization that is prepared to effectively take opportunities to a favorable buying decision, and then retain new customers for long-term customer equity." said John DeVincent. "Many of the best practices and lessons learned from working together at eMoney became the basic fundamentals for our success with SaaS fintech companies" he added. For more information on Sales Pistons, visit their website at About Sales Pistons: Sales Pistons™ is a sales force effectiveness (SFE) consulting firm dedicated solely to helping CEOs of private equity backed fintech firms. We transform organizations into high performing sales and marketing engines which in turn jump start sustainable growth of top line revenue. Media Contact John DeVincent, Managing Partner

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